Quality is difficult to articulate when discussing voices.

It’s hard to describe what makes a voice good, but you know it when you hear it, right?

I'm proud to offer vocal variety and a Professional Personal Studio. For customer convenience I can send mp3, wav, or aif voice track files to clients via e-mail, drop box, e-transfer, or directly uploaded to your ftp site.


Services include:

  • Podcast Bumpers: including open, close and middle
  • On-hold marketing messages; efficient, cost effective forms of advertising to a captive audience
  • Voice mail greetings, phone trees, and Interactive Voice Response – (I.V.R.)
  • Narrations for explainer and training videos, films, industrial videos, web pages and e-learning
  • Audio books and training modules
  • Commercials on and off camera
  • Professional Host/Master of Ceremonies for special events
  • Live Event/Awards show Announcer 
  • Studio available for booking
  • Private Coaching


I am an award winning San Diego based voice over artist providing the highest quality voice over solutions to businesses worldwide. I have been a voice over talent for over 20 years and my voice can be heard locally and internationally.

I'm focused on helping businesses create a persona, which represents them to the public. For example, a Jeff Gelder voice mail greeting paired with regularly updated on-hold marketing messages are a great way to convey a persona.

Much like the personalities in a television drama or comedy, a persona is the friend customers come to know and grow comfortable with over time. A professional first impression of a company is one which customers can easily identify on a recurring basis, will improve customer confidence, and increase sales.

I am committed to my philosophy to build relationships and help businesses grow. I often say, “Once the customer trusts a voice, the relationship begins!"

I'm glad to offer free consultations and provide solutions based on individual business needs. Prices are reasonable and service is of the highest quality.


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